Beauty Tips You Should Know About

Being beautiful does not need to take up most of your time. With the following beauty tips, one should be aware; it will be easy to maintain their beauty.

Hiding polish chips

Maintaining nail polish especially after having manicure or pedicure done can be quite tricky. If one is seen walking around with chipped nail polish, it makes people question why nail polish removers exist. However, one does not have to remove all the polish but can have this quick fix. Use textured nail polish to fix the chip. A coat of textured nail polish is put over the chipped polish. It helps keep the manicure for long since each chip can be addressed by the coat of textured polish.

Use oil when applying nail polish


The whole process of applying nail polish can be messy. This may make it hard to remove the excess nail polish from the cuticles. To help save one the hassle, one can use olive oil instead. The olive oil is rubbed on the cuticles before applying nail polish. This makes removing the excess nail polish easy.

Quickest way to dry nail polish

Sometimes one may need a quick fix of their polish. Most people avoid that since the time taken to have the polish dry is quite significant. This may cost someone their time, and they would rather skip the whole process to save on time. The fastest way to dry the polish is by dipping the hands or toes in a bowl of cold water. This makes the polish dry very fast hence saves time.

Nails with a matte look

If one wants to have a matte look on their nail polish they should consider doing the following. After applying two coats of nail polish, one can hold them over a pot of boiling water or soup while the polish is still wet. The steam coming from the pot will be instrumental in making the nails matte from the glossy look. Be careful not to burn your hands with the steam. The hand should be placed at least five inches above the water to avoid being burnt.

Freshen up the foundation

Sometimes the beautiful glow of a foundation fades away. To make your foundation fresh, one can skip therfredfrfgrtgt powder. Instead, they can use some two or three drops of face oil and dab on their cheeks to create that beautiful glow again.

Removing makeup

The makeup remover is necessary after the day is over to remove the makeup. One can add coconut oil to the remover. It helps in breaking up the makeup making it easy to remove since it just slides off.